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Starter template for Nuxt.js with Express.
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Nuxt.js with Express Hot

ExpressJS + Nuxt.js = ⚡️ Based on Express-template

This is Nuxt.js with Express template using hot reloading for nuxt rather than the live reload of backpack. To make this possible in development mode a http proxy pointing to the the api server is added to nuxt as a server middleware. During development nuxt and the api server has to be run as separate servers.


This is a project template for vue-cli.

vue init nekdolan/express-template-hot <project-name>
cd <project-name> # move to your project
npm install # or yarn install

Make sure to use a version of vue-cli >= 2.1 (vue -V).


Command Description
npm run nuxt Runs nuxt in development mode on port 3000
npm run dev Runs the express api server on port 8008

Everything else should work the same way as nuxt-express

ExpressJS Changes

  • There is a server directory with the root of your express server.
  • The routes directory is called server/api.


We use backpack to watch and build the application, so you can use the latest ES6 features (module syntax, async/await, etc.).




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