The GFW whitelist of AutoProxy format.
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The GFW whitelist of AutoProxy format.

gfw_whitelist URL:

Usagage of gfw_whitelist


Install SwitchyOmega Chrome extension.

Create a Switch Profile, Default use the proxy profile, add a rule list(AutoProxy format) and fill the gfw_whitelist URL. Rule list rules use the Direct profile.

Usagage of AutoProxy-Editor.jar

java -jar AutoProxy-Editor.jar to add domains.

AutoProxy Rules

This tools can help you to edit AutoProxy file.
Use 'add' to add a domain.
Use 'remove' to remove a domain.
Use 'show' to show the list.
Use 'load' to load autoproxy file from disk.
Use 'save' to save autoproxy file to disk.
Use 'help' to show this help message.
You can use 'help [command]' to show help message for that command.

Usagage of

This shell script can help to commit the gfw_whitelist in a formal format.


sudo chmod +x