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Roborobo 3
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Roborobo is a fast and simple 2D mobile robot simulator written in C++ loosely based on a khepera/epuck model. It is targeted for fast single and multi-robots simulation (primary motivation is evolutionary robotics et swarm/collective robotics).

Roborobo version 3 is currently the only supported version. Current official release is (from: roborobo.cpp):

  • gVersion = 20181210
  • gCurrentBuildInfo = Roma build
  • SDL2
  • SDL2_image
  • boost (headers-only)
  • eigen (only for echo state networks)
  • Linux-based
  • MacOSX
  • previously tried on: MS Windows, Raspbian, Pandora (though no support is provided)
Main author
Other contributors
  • Thanks to J.-M. Montanier, E. Haasdijk, B. Weel, A. Boumaza, A. Steyven, L. Cazenille, T. Grohens, P. Ecoffet, and many others.

Installation and F.A.Q.

  • Check _INSTALL.TXT for installation guide (incl. quick start).
  • Check _README.TXT for a quick introduction.
  • Check _FAQ.TXT for trouble shooting and frequently asked questions.

How to cite roborobo in your publications

If you use roborobo in your work, please cite the following paper:

N. Bredeche, J.-M. Montanier, B. Weel, and E. Haasdijk. Roborobo! a fast robot simulator for swarm and collective robotics. CoRR, abs/1304.2888, 2013.

The paper is available on Arxiv:


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