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Alias module for BarnOwl
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The Alias modules provides the ability to give aliases to long
classnames for display purposes ONLY. For example, I display
`dirty-owl-hackers' as `d-o-h'.

To use Alias, copy Alias.par into ~/.owl/modules, and create a
~/.owl/classmap file listing the (class, alias) pairs you want,
separated by whitespace. For example, my classmap file contains

--- CUT HERE ---
dirty-owl-hackers               d-o-h
--- END CUT ---

Then, from BarnOwl, execute the ':reload-module Alias' command.
You may need to press 'o' twice to redraw existing messages.

Technical note: Alias assumes that you are using a ``new-style'' style
which uses the ``context'' field of the Message object for
display. Old styles which display $m->class of a zephyr directly will
not be affected by the display map.
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