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nanoc Zurb Foundation Blog

This project serves as an example/bootstrap of how to use Zurb Foundation and Nanoc for a blog. You can always strip out the blog stuff and just use this for a brochure/portfolio/blog site, of course.

One implementation aspect not seen in any other nanoc project is the lack of vendoring of the Foundation gem's Javascripts into the project. This should make updating Zurb Foundation as a dependency much easier. Compass already handled the SCSS concatenation task. With a simple off-the-shelf concatenator and some Gem path loading, Javascript in gems can be handled too. Also, this project contains a filter to allow Github style fences with the nanoc system and solarized syntax highlighting.

Zurb Foundation was used instead of Bootstrap like so many of the other example nanoc sites out there so you can jam your own designs in with ease and with SCSS. The rest is totally up to you and was not added onto more so you can build up instead of having to strip out too much. For example, semantic classes have not been added.

Current Status

  • Good enough start for a brochure site.
  • Blogging infrastructure hacked out enough. Fill in the rest.

What you should do with this

  • Clone it.
  • Hack it till you like it.

Rake Task

rake "new_post[Your post title here]"


This nanoc project uses the following posts:


A nanoc Zurb Foundation Blog/Portfolio Bootstrap. This is using Foundation 4 and not 5 at the moment.






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