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+After checking out this repository, run the following commands to get the snapshots:
+ git co -b 01_create_bottom_tabs origin/01_create_bottom_tabs
+ git co -b 02_make_each_card_a_view origin/02_make_each_card_a_view
+ git co -b 03_make_each_card_specialize origin/03_make_each_card_specialize
+ git co -b 04_add_a_toolbar_to_each_card origin/04_add_a_toolbar_to_each_card
+ git co -b 05_add_buttons_to_top_toolbar origin/05_add_buttons_to_top_toolbar
+ git co -b 06_create_text_buttons origin/06_create_text_buttons
+ git co -b 07_create_icon_buttons origin/07_create_icon_buttons
## Deployment
This code is deployed to Heroku as a static site, served by Rack. All files under the 'public' directory are served as static files (using [Rack::Static][] middleware). The [Rack::Rewrite][] middleware ensures that the index.html file is served for the root path: '/'. This is configured in the [][] file.

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