Records and reproduces user's in-page behavior
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public - traquer test runner Oct 24, 2016


Records and reproduces user's in-page behavior

Traquer is a tool that enables you to record a testing session on you web/page/app, than reproduce it, monitor how it performed, create a naïve heatmap, and even automate your testing sessions using Selenium Webdriver and Jasmine...

Original blog post about this is already here - so go check it out.

Record and playback

In following example, you'll see a record and playback on Ext JS example called 'Admin Dashboard'. record and playback

Another example shows that there is actual list of recorded cases, which you can use to set up playback. playback saved


You can create heatmap from one ore many cases.


Playback after DOM mutation

In this example, I've reloaded page which means - new element id's (testing hell). dom mutation

Export/import to different browsers

Here, I'll create case in Firefox, export it from there, and import it to Chrome. It'll perform good. export import

Joining cases

In this last video for this post, I'm showing how to join multiple cases to one 'mega-case'. joining cases

Work in progress

This is WIP, some features don't work as they should (jasmine/seleinum automation for example).

Contribution/interest is welcomed.


I won't forget to mention and thank these great guys who contributed to make this available: