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Module EiCaptcha for prestashop 1.7

The module is also available for prestashop version 1.6.x see here :
or download 0.4.x releases ( This version remains available but support and evolutions are stopped )

This module display Google recaptcha on the following forms :

  • contact form
  • account creation form
  • newsletter subscription ( since 2.1.0)

The module is compatible with both V2 and V3 recaptcha keys ( since v 2.3.0 )

This module relies upon the override of the following files :

  • AuthController
  • ContactForm Module

For newsletter subscription implementation it needs module ps_emailsubscription at least 2.6.0

This module use composer to get recaptcha lib.
Don't forget to use composer install in order to download the necessary recaptcha composer package.

Otherwise you can go on the github release page and download the last 2.0.x version release to get the full package

Please do not use the github function "download as zip" which will not works

Screenshots with V2 keys

Captcha on contact form
Captcha Contact Form

Captcha on account creation form
Captcha on account creation form

Captcha on newsletter form
Captcha on newsletter subscription form

Screenshots with V3 keys (invisible recaptcha)

With v3 keys you just need to check if the recaptcha box is present in the bottom right corner

V3 captcha
Captcha V3

Additionnal informations (French)


Prestashop Version Compatible
1.6.1.x and under use version 0.4.x or 0.5.x instead
1.7.0.x to 1.7.8.x ✔️