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Pop'n Food

Pop'n Food is a web application for visualizing 3D models generated from large numbers of images in a browser. This application was created to streamline my research.

Full demo video



I was researching a method to generate two 3D models from a single image. The paper can be found at the following link.

Hungry Networks

It is necessary to evaluate what 3D shapes are reconstructed qualitatively in such research. However, checking a large number of 3D models reconstructed from a large number of images is tedious and requires many steps.

This application frees us from many painful steps and allows us to comfortably see what 3D model was generated from which image. This application has two modes.

  • A mode to visualize a pre-generated 3D model.
  • A mode to generate and visualize a 3D model in real time from the input image.
    • This repository does not contain a backend server for generating 3D models from a single image.


First, install dependencies.

yarn install

Run a development server.

yarn dev

Publish static files.

yarn build
yarn export

Paper Info

Hungry Networks

    Author={Naritomi, S. and Yanai, K.},
    title={{Hungry Networks}: {3D} Mesh Reconstruction of a Dish and a Plate from a Single Dish Image for Estimating Food Volume},
    booktitle={Proc. of ACM Multimedia Asia},

Pop'n Food

  author={Naritomi, S. and Yanai, K.},
  booktitle={Proc. of IEEE Conference on Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval (MIPR)}, 
  title={{Pop'n Food}: 3D Food Model Estimation System from a Single Image}, 


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