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Maven plugin to package docs

Add it to the project

  <!--  the directories below will be added by default,
    using the config element will _replace_ the defaults.
Make sure to add the configuration to the plugin element and not to an execution, unless you want Maven builds and CLI invocations of the plugin to behave differently!


The filtering is the usual Maven filtering being applied. Image files are not filtered.

To turn filtering on, set the filter property to true. Note that this can’t be set on directory level.

Use it from the command line

If it’s not added to the project configuration, you need to invoke it like for example mvn

Build docs without building the project

mvn docs:assemble

  • creates the docs.jar

  • attaches the created jar to the project

  • mostly interesting for use in the pom.xml

  • mvn2 and mvn3

Build and install docs without building the project

mvn docs:install

  • creates and then installs the docs.jar

  • mvn3 only

  • CLI only

mvn docs:install -Dtest=DocsTest

  • executes test, then assembles and installs docs

  • otherwise, like the example above