An active model wrapper for the Neo4j Graph Database for Ruby.
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Welcome to Neo4j.rb

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All new documentation will be done via our readthedocs site, though some old documentation has yet to be moved from our wiki (also there is the neo4j-core wiki)

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Neo4j.rb is an Active Model compliant Ruby/JRuby wrapper for the Neo4j graph database. It uses the neo4j-core and active_attr gems.

Neo4j is a transactional, open-source graph database. A graph database manages data in a connected data structure, capable of representing any kind of data in a very accessible way. Information is stored in nodes and relationships connecting them, both of which can have arbitrary properties. To learn more visit What is a Graph Database?

With this gem you not only do you get a convenient higher level wrapper around Neo4j, but you have access to a powerful high-level query building interface which lets you take advantage of the power of Neo4j like this:

# Break down the top countries where friends' favorite beers come from
  order('count(country) DESC').
  pluck(:country, count: 'count(country)')

It can be installed in your Gemfile with a simple gem 'neo4j'

For a general overview see our website:

Winner of a 2014 Graphie for "Best Community Contribution" at Neo4j's Graph Connect conference! 2014 Graphie

Neo4j.rb v4.1.0 was released in January of 2015. Its changes are outlined here and in the announcement message. It will take a little time before all documentation is updated to reflect the new release but unless otherwise noted, all 3.X documentation is totally valid for v4.

Neo4j version support

Neo4j Version v2.x v3.x >= v4.x >= 7.0.3
1.9.x Yes No No No
2.0.x No Yes No No
2.1.x No Yes Yes * Yes
2.2.x No No Yes Yes
2.3.x No No Yes Yes
3.0.x No No No Yes

* Neo4j.rb >= 4.x doesn't support Neo4j versions before 2.1.5. To use 2.1.x you should upgrade to a version >= 2.1.5

Neo4j feature support

Neo4j Feature v2.x v3.x >= v4.x >= 8.x
Bolt Protocol No No No Yes
Auth No No Yes Yes
Remote Cypher Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transactions Yes Yes Yes Yes
High Availability No Yes Yes Yes
Embedded JVM support Yes Yes Yes Yes

Modern (3.x/4.X) Documentation

  • Website (for an introduction)
  • readthedocs
  • Note: Our GitHub Wiki pages have outdated information. We are in the process of moving all documentation to readthedocs

Legacy (2.x) Documentation


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Always welcome! Please review the guidelines for contributing to this repository.


Notice: There are different licenses for the neo4j-community, neo4j-advanced, and neo4j-enterprise jar gems. Only the neo4j-community gem is required by default.