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WARNING: Much of the information in this wiki is out of day. We are in the process of moving things to readthedocs

Neo4j.rb (neo4j gem) is a Ruby wrapper for the Neo4j graph database.
It is a “Drop in” replacement for Rails Active Record.


As of Summer 2015, the master branch reflects v5 of the gem. All new documentation is on our readthedocs site, though some old documentation has yet to be moved from this wiki (also there is the neo4j-core wiki).

  • neo4j 5.x – Released June 2015. Subtle changes to the public API, many performance improvements and feature additions.
  • neo4j 4.x – Expected December 2014, already merged into master.
  • neo4j 3.x – Released September 2014.
  • neo4j 2.x – Legacy, supports Neo4j 1.9 embedded only, no updates since 2013.

Additional Documentation

This gem is tested thoroughly and the specs make great documentation. In particular, see this for general examples but everything in should be helpful.

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