Simple map application that shows your planned route, and your current position
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This is a simple map app that I wrote to help me out on bike trips.

Here is what I wanted:
- A map which scrolls as I ride
- A visual indicator of my current position
- A visual display of my planned route

Here is what I DIDN'T WANT:
- Speed/distance/time tracking (I have a bike computer for that which uses much less battery power)
- Map scrolling randomly as accelerometer goes nuts when I ride over bumps
- Data collection of route traveled, elevation gains, etc.

I didn't find anything out there, so I wrote my own.

Note that this is a very simple app, and unlikely to be what anyone else in the world wants... 
but if you do want to use it, here's what you need to do:

1) Install a *SECURE* phone holder on your bike.  The 'quick release' car mounts don't do the job!
I can testify to this as I tried it, and had my phone break loose at 35mph and skid across the road.
The zip-up motorcycle mounts are generally okay for stability, but even these sometimes slip off.  
I had to screw the holder to the handlebar mount.  Also, the touch screen does not work through the
plastic as well as they lead you to beleive.

2) Set up your phone so that it doesn't switch between 'landscape' and 'portrait' modes as you turn the phone.
This can be addressed in software in future... Someday I may make this app "lock" the portrait view.  This
is necessary because otherwise the phone senses road bumps and switches back and forth incessantly.

3) Set up your phone so that it does not shut off the screen after a period of inactivity.  This, also, may
be addressed in software in the future.

4) Install the Android development kit on your computer.

5) Run "android update project" once.

6) Plug in your phone and use "ant install" to install it.

7) Save your planned route as a KML file in /sdcard/mapdata (make that directory if needed).

8) Start the app, and use the menu to pick the KML data file you want to use.

9) Ride!