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The lua script engine compiles methods, they are encapsled in a chunk (LuaChunk). It is possible to call the method direct, but it is easier to use the DoChunk, Run (or dochunk) method of the environment.

LuaResult Run(LuaTable env, object[] callArgs)

Executes the chunk on the given environment.

Lua Lua { get; }

The associated lua script engine.

string ChunkName { get; }

The name of the compiled chunk. It is normally the filename without the extension.

bool IsCompiled { get; }

Is the chunk compiled and executable.

bool HasDebugInfo { get; }

Is the chunk compiled with debug info. If this value is true, it is able to build a stack trace for exceptions within the chunk.

MethodInfo Method { get; }

Access to the compiled chunk and it's declaration.

int Size { get; }

Get's the IL-size.