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+# Emacs 'Sunburst' color theme #
+The following theme was created by someone identifying themselves as 'dngpng'
+in the source code. References to it can be found [here](
+The source can be found [here](
+The author originally created it to resemble the Textmate 'Sunburst' theme, but
+instead called it 'color-theme-tm'. I have renamed it 'color-theme-sunburst'
+In it's original form it contained all basic emacs faces (back-ground-color,
+ border-color, etc.). It also had support for erc, nxm-mode, and mmm.
+I am versioning it, since I will be adding support for other modes, and emacs tools
+(such as jabber.el). And I hope it will encourage others to add to it too.
+## Copyright ##
+Since I didn't originally create this color-theme, I assert no copyright about the code
+that I add to it.

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