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Awesome AI-ML-DL Awesome License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Better NLP: Better NLP

NLP Java: NLP Java | NLP Clojure: NLP Clojure | NLP Kotlin: NLP Kotlin | NLP Scala: NLP Scala |
NLP using DL4J (cuda) NLP using DL4J (cuda)

Tribuo: Tribuo | DeepNetts: DeepNetts | Dataiku DSS: Dataiku DSS | Grakn: Grakn | Jupyter-Java: Jupyter-Java |
MLPMNist using DL4J: MLPMNist using DL4J | Zeppelin: Zeppelin

Awesome Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning as we learn it. Study notes and a curated list of awesome resources of such topics.

This repo is dedicated to engineers, developers, data scientists and all other professions that take interest in AI, ML, DL and related sciences. To make learning interesting and to create a place to easily find all the necessary material. Please contribute, watch, star, fork and share the repo with others in your community.

Watching the repo will keep you posted of all the changes (commits) that go into the repo.

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Contributions are very welcome, please share back with the wider community (and get credited for it)!

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