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Hack for ST220XU-chip based Photo key chains
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Short readme:

- Use make to compile the binaries. You'll probably need the development
  headers and libraries of libgd for this, preferably v2.
- Install libraries: run 'make install' as root
- connect your device and observe (e.g. by running dmesg) the device node
  it's connected to. Look for e.g.:
  SCSI device sda: 4096 512-byte hdwr sectors (2 MB)
  Replace the 'sdX' in the next instruction with the devicename mentioned.
  (in this example: sda)
- If your device already is hacked with an earlier version of the firmware,
  use the backup of the original firmware as an argument to the 
  script: run './hackfw /dev/sdx /path/to/backup/of/original/fwimage.bak' If
  your device is unhacked as of yet, just run './hackfw /dev/sdX'.
- Run the program to patch the firmware. It'll backup your firmware
  and do a check on it to see it's patchable. If that's the case and you agree,
  it'll patch it and upload the new firmware.
- If it works, you should be looking at 'It Works' displayed on your LCD.
A patched unit still has the same capabilities as an unpatched one. The only
difference is that, in upgrade mode, you can send pictures to the LCD via
the USB-port, which enables stuff like the displaying of real-time server 

This patch will work on devices with the ST220XU-chip (which is detected by the and have a PCF8833-compatible display. If your device has
a 1.4" or 1.5" color CSTN-screen with a resolution of 128x128 pixels, it'll 
probably work.

DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damage that occurs 
by running my programs or following my instructions.


Q: I have installed everything by doing a 'make install' as root, but programs
   still can't find! What am I doing wrong?
A: is installed into /usr/local/lib. Make sure your /etc/
   contains the line '/usr/local/lib' and then run (as root) ldconfig.


changes from v1.4 - v1.4.1
-applied Metan's patch, src:
    * segfault on ppc (empty return in function returning int)
    * compilation fails because of missing -fPIC on x86_64
    * coding style formated according to linux kernel style
    * + various small fixups 
-supports now 16 st2205 modules, src:
-fixed, backup fw
-fixed libst2205, crashes on Xscale/ARM CPU's, function enddata
-removed lcd4linux patch as the driver is upstream

changes from v1.4.1 - v1.4.2
-slice.c: fix compiler warning 
-libst2205.c: Fix error handling if param block not found
-libst2205.c: Minor fixes
-add another innovage keychain, support now 17 modules
-main.c: fix display help

changes from v1.4.2 - v1.4.3
-libst2205.c: fix segfault introduced in v1.4.2, fails on an unhacked keychain (thanks Sean Burford)
-add a note to Coby DP 151 V8 hack-spec file, use another offset x/y position (thanks Sean Burford)
-removed debug information
-removed unneeded main.c file in libst2205 directory

Most changes can be found on the wiki, I just pasted them together -

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