Go client for Neovim
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Neovim/go-client is a Neovim client and plugin host for Go.

This example plugin adds the Hello command to Nvim:

package main

import (

func hello(args []string) (string, error) {
    return "Hello " + strings.Join(args, " "), nil

func main() {
    plugin.Main(func(p *plugin.Plugin) error {
        p.HandleFunction(&plugin.FunctionOptions{Name: "Hello"}, hello)
        return nil

To add this plugin to Nvim, build the program with the go tool and add this plugin to Vim:

if exists('g:loaded_hello')
let g:loaded_hello = 1

function! s:Requirehello(host) abort
  return jobstart(['junk'], {'rpc': v:true})

call remote#host#Register('hello', 'x', function('s:Requirehello'))
" The following lines are generated by running the program
" command line flag --manifest hello
call remote#host#RegisterPlugin('hello', '0', [
    \ {'type': 'function', 'name': 'Hello', 'sync': 1, 'opts': {}},
    \ ])

" vim:ts=4:sw=4:et