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Homebrew formula for Neovim.


To install the latest stable release from homebrew core:

brew install neovim

To upgrade:

brew update
brew upgrade neovim

To install the latest, potentially unstable, development version of Neovim:

brew install --HEAD neovim


The program name is nvim (not neovim).


In nvim, run :CheckHealth. It checks for common problems and best practices.


If you run into problems, follow the Troubleshooting section below before filing an issue. If you still have problems:

  • Search the issue tracker for your problem. GitHub does not show closed issues by default, but it will search them. Many issues have been resolved already.

  • Include the link to the result of your brew gist-logs neovim command. We cannot debug issues without detailed information about the failure.

  • It helps to capture the verbose (-v) install output. For example, brew install neovim would become brew install -v neovim. Paste the output in your bug report, and make sure to wrap it with a "fence" so it renders correctly:

    # output goes here


  • Run brew update then try again.
  • Run brew doctor to diagnose common issues.
  • Check that Command Line Tools for Xcode (CLT) and/or Xcode are up to date by checking for updates in the App Store.
    • If the build fails with fatal error: '__debug' file not found, you have to install Xcode. This is due to a bug in the Xcode CLT 6.3.
    • If the build fails with ld: library not found for -lgcc_s, make sure you have the same version of Xcode and Xcode CLT installed.
  • Check the Homebrew Troubleshooting page. In particular, the Check for common issues section.
  • You can create a gist log with brew gist-logs neovim.
  • Use --verbose to get the verbose output, i.e. brew install --HEAD --verbose neovim.
  • Use --debug to be in the debug mode. In the debug mode, when failing, you can go into the interactive shell to check the building files before homebrew neutralizing them.
  • If you encounter the error CMAKE_USE_SYSTEM_CURL is ON but a curl is not found, then you're missing the dependency for cURL that allows downloads over TLS. Refer to your operating system's section in Linuxbrew Dependencies to fix this.