A different take on the thermostat card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI
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Lovelace simple thermostat card

A different take on the thermostat card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI. The aim is to provide a card with simpler interactions that are easier to use and take up less space, as well as provide more modularity to tweak the card. For example the abiltity to embed sensor values that are relevant to your thermostat (like humidity, energy usage, hours on +++).

Example thermostat


Home Assistant 0.84 or higher


  1. Download the repo as a zip or with git clone and store it in www/simple-thermostat/ in your configuration folder.
  2. Configure Lovelace to load the card:
      - url: /local/simple-thermostat/simple-thermostat.js?v=1
        type: module

(Optional) Add to custom updater

  1. Make sure you've the custom_updater component installed and working.
  2. Add a new reference under card_urls in your custom_updater configuration in configuration.yaml.
    - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nervetattoo/simple-thermostat/master/tracker.json

Available configuration options:

  • entity string: The thermostat entity id required
  • name string|false: Override the card name, or disable showing a name at all. Default is to use the friendly_name of the thermostat provided
  • icon string|object: Show an icon next to the card name. You can also pass an object to specify state-specific icons. Defaults state-specific icons radiator/radiator-disabled/snowflake
    • idle: string: Use this icon for state idle
    • heat: string Use this icon for state heat
    • cool: string Use this icon for state cool
  • step_size number: Override the default 0.5 step size for increasing/decreasing the temperature
  • hide object: Control specifically information fields to show. Defaults to showing everything
    • temperature: bool
    • state: bool
    • mode: bool
  • sensors array
    • entity string: A sensor value entity id
    • attribute string: The key for an attribute provided by the main entity (for example min_temp)
    • name string: Specify a sensor name to use instead of the default friendly_name

Example usage:

  - type: custom:simple-thermostat
    entity: climate.my_room
    step_size: 1
      - entity: sensor.fibaro_system_fgwpef_wall_plug_gen5_energy
      - entity: sensor.fibaro_system_fgwpef_wall_plug_gen5_power
        name: Energy today
      - attribute: min_temp
        name: Min temp
      mode: true