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CKB command line interface
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CKB command line tool


>> rpc: Invoke RPC call to node

    get_block                 Get block content by hash
    get_block_by_number       Get block content by block number
    get_block_hash            Get block hash by block number
    get_cells_by_lock_hash    Get cells by lock script hash
    get_current_epoch         Get current epoch information
    get_epoch_by_number       Get epoch information by epoch number
    get_live_cell             Get live cell (live means unspent)
    get_tip_block_number      Get tip block number
    get_tip_header            Get tip header
    get_transaction           Get transaction content by transaction hash
    get_peers                 Get connected peers
    local_node_info           Get local node information
    tx_pool_info              Get transaction pool information
    get_blockchain_info       Get chain information

>> wallet: tranfer / query balance(with local index) / key utils

    transfer               Transfer capacity to an address (can have data)
    key-info               Show public information of a secp256k1 private key (from file) or public key
    get-capacity           Get capacity by lock script hash or address or lock arg or pubkey
    get-live-cells         Get live cells by lock script hash
    get-lock-by-address    Get lock script (include hash) by address
    db-metrics             Show index database metrics
    top-capacity           Show top n capacity owned by lock script hash
>> account: Account management

    list      List all accounts
    new       Creates a new account and prints related information.
    import    Imports an unencrypted private key from <privkey-path> and creates a new account.
    unlock    Unlock an account
    update    Update password of an account
    export    Export master private key and chain code as hex plain text (USE WITH YOUR OWN RISK)

Build this project

git clone
cd ckb-cli
cargo install --path . -f


Better export an env first (or give in argument)

export API_URL=

Directly go to gorgeous interactive mode:


Show available commands

# Top level help doc
ckb-cli --help
# RPC help doc
ckb-cli rpc --help

Example: Get tip header (yaml output format)

ckb-cli rpc get_tip_header


version: "0"
parent_hash: 0xbb6b3dc93b82840014bc675e8359456cf71a1d09af9d901d807e6fa52be0c194
timestamp: "1562125018195"
number: "8983"
epoch: "12"
transactions_root: 0x467d8f40699910190305861c688ce0e4d28113434cbe5a57e3aad34d203f2c7e
witnesses_root: 0x4580baec10b07f6e1e37c8ecc4e287efe87b3d7fa47872b97a9a1b1a84104167
proposals_hash: 0x1773e9e580feb6787023ee31dfd971fccb718628052bc9601f6ea8b47c6c3ae0
difficulty: 0x49490
uncles_hash: 0xfc3add54f50bf3de7c2c40702b6a46a0ecc7a5250fb0ac09fac4c53235b44abe
uncles_count: "1"
  nonce: "6966906004188122030"
  proof: 0x0f1200009319000057200000c5210000dc30000007410000084e00007a630000776600008668000060760000ab7f0000
hash: 0x3ec0bbca4eb9f1a56332b9336827e27115589944583d3bdeac37ab27c181e6ef

Example: Get live cell (json output format)

ckb-cli rpc get_live_cell --hash 0x938ebf9761e6fc1e0cbc0694d0a329a4cf00c5dea290bee0b274f71a3d2ae6de --tx-hash 0x23510d46adf6cfc28d658582d9fdcfb51f4450706bd520e5249973a736585579 --index 0


  "cell": {
    "capacity": "2030044660982",
    "data": "0x",
    "lock": {
      "args": [
      "code_hash": "0xa6c987e2fbf5ba00cd1a83edbb1a53db088c6d1869f866a5e758a0fb99ff53a1"
    "type": null
  "status": "live"
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