BSON support provided through bson gem. #163

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  • no tests :trollface:
  • collection should always be wrapped into hash (implemented into to_bson) because of BSON.serialize accepts only hash.

I've tried add bson support to Rabl couple months ago, but something gone wrong.
Great work, thanks!


Sweet, great to have BSON support. If we can add something akin to for BSON, I will merge this and release a new gem version.


I think I'll provide some tests soon - lack of time for today.


Awesome thanks for working on this.

@Antiarchitect Antiarchitect BSON format support provided. Fixed pluralization (without requiring …
…active_support/inflector it doesn't work in Rabl::Helpers). Covered by tests, results were compared with msgpack results and matches except for those that returns array - BSON.serialize can't accept arrays so it wraps it into a hash with first object name pluralization as a key.

I've just corrected my previous commit. Not it is covered by tests, bugs are fixed and it works as needed.

@nesquena nesquena merged commit f4aed40 into nesquena:master Feb 12, 2012

OK, added you to the readme, updated the changelog and pushed out 0.5.5.e. Let me know if everything looks OK.

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