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Netgen Layouts user interface
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Netgen Layouts user interface

This repository contains the user interface for Netgen Layouts.


  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Composer
  • Yarn
  • Grunt CLI (yarn global add grunt-cli)

First time build configuration

Before building the project for the first time, you need to fill some configuration used by BrowserSync, namely domain and path under which the project will be available.

Copy grunt.json.dist file to grunt.json and change domain and start_path to correct values. Usually, you will need to update only the domain, since the path is preconfigured with a correct value.

Development build

Building the project requires you to have Composer installed. Since this package and its dependencies are not usable standalone, they are not published on NPM registry. Instead, Composer is used to manage version dependencies. When you use Yarn to install JavaScript dependencies, they are symlinked from the Composer vendor folder to node_modules.

To build development assets and start watching files for changes, just run Grunt without any arguments:

$ composer install
$ yarn install
$ grunt

This will place all generated assets into bundle/Resources/public/dev folder.

Production build

To build the production assets, run Grunt with the following:

$ composer install
$ yarn install
$ grunt build

This will place all generated assets into bundle/Resources/public folder.

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