Simple Objective-C based Menu Clock for Mac OS X. Displays the UTC time in the menubar and nothing more.
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This is an obscenely simple program to add the UTC time to the MacOS
Menu Status Bar. I desperately wanted two clocks as the network that I
work on uses UTC Time exclusively for all of our devices. Converting
in my head was a true pain.

The latest version is 1.2.3(1) for Mac OS >10.9 downloadable from
GitHub in the Downloads section:

Uses LaunchController, which is Copyright (c) 2010 Ben Clark-Robinson,

Compiled under XCode 4 and MacOS 10.7. It will run just fine in all
current MacOS versions, including Yosemite (10.10)

NOTE: After you install this software, you still have to run it to use it:   

Double-click "UTCMenuClock" in your /Applications folder. If you want it to 
start automatically every time you log in , click on the UTC clock in the menu 
bar and select "Open At Login"

John Adams

This branch uses UTC instead of GMT for the clock. UTC and GMT are not
interchangable time zones, they may differ by a few seconds.