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netj's dotfiles


Run the following command and press y for the files you want to install:

bash <(; curl -fsSL $u || wget -nv -O- $u)

It clones the git repo to ~/.dotfiles, installs chosen dotfiles as symlinks pointing inside the repo, then runs a new login shell. Existing dotfiles will be backed up with names ending with ~. Make sure you have Git and curl or Wget on your system. When run on a Debian-based OS in the cloud, such as AWS EC2, Git will be automatically installed and other essential packages related to the dotfiles will be suggested for installation.

Trying out

If you want to simply explore what my dotfiles do, setting a temporary path for HOME does the job:

HOME=/tmp/home  bash <(; curl -fsSL $u || wget -nv -O- $u)


  • There are more good stuffs under Fonts/ and Mac/.

  • Put any of your per-machine/per-account tweaks in a .*_local file. For example,

    • .bash_local for declaring aliases, adjusting PATH, or exporting environment variables.
    • .vim_local for any local Vim configuration customization.
    • .tmux_local for any local TMUX tweaks, e.g., wrapping the default-command with reattach-to-user-namespace in OS X.
  • You can run following commands later to stay up-to-date:

      cd ~/.dotfiles
      git pull
  • If you want to send me your modifications, please put them up in your GitHub fork and send me a pull request at my repo.

  • I use a zlib/libpng style license. Consult the COPYRIGHT file for more information on using these files.


  • Use entirely at your own risk -- no warranty is expressed or implied.
  • Playing around with your dotfiles is a very time consuming activity.