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Synchronized eLearning Content Toolkit

For a SeLCont ten-minute demo lecture (Introduction to SeLCont) click here

The final course page consists of these elements:

  • An area that renders the slides. "Slides" is the result from the presentation file (ppt) and the notes from instructor's tablet during the course
  • An area that renders the video. Video is the export file from the camera inside the auditorium
  • An area with the headers/annotations of the course


The resources of the page will be the presentation file (ppt), the notes from instructor's tablet and the video from the auditorium. The final course page will be developed with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript technologies in order to be responsive and viewable from any device.

Post-processing Procedure

When the resources will be available and in the right format/shape the administrator has to create a new Course (with a title and a date required) and upload the material for synchronization.


This software is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. For more information, read the file LICENSE.