SensorMonitor is a distributed sensor monitoring system.
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SensorMonitor System

SensorMonitor is a distributed monitoring system. which can be used for sensor-like system's monitoring. It gathering sensor's data and persisting the data into database, and also sending data to web client(browser) using WebSocket simultaneously.

Install and Setup

Setup RabbitMQ and PostgreSQL

Installing RabbitMQ and start it. Import the sql file postgres_db.sql into distributed database. Create a user that datamanager and webapp service will using.

Start The Service

Development Environment Setting

  1. Add this to your ~/.bash_profile
export GOPATH=~/golang
export GOPATH=$GOPATH:~/sensorMonitor
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin
export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin
  1. Enable it
source ~/.bash_profile

Using go run command start the service

cd ~
git clone
cd sensorMonitor

edit the db.go file in datamanager and webapp service, to make sure you have priviledge to access dababase. then start the service:


or you can building all these executable files:


the output exec files will in ./bin directory.


Main Data Streaming

Sensor generates data and sending it to its own data queue in RabbitMQ, coordinator consume the data queue and publishing all sensors data into PersistReading queue for datamanager to store into database, coordinator also publishing all the data into WebappReadingsExchange exchange and the webapp server will sending the data in it to web client(browser).

Main Data Streaming

sensor --> coordinator --> datamanager --> database(PG)
                |---> webapp server --> browser(JavaScript)      

Persisting data

            |      |    RabbitMQ     |           

coordinator | -->  |  PersistReading |   -->   datamanager     -->  PG

            | <--  |   dataQueue1    |
            | <--      dataQueue2                 
            | <--  |   dataQueue3    |

Automatic Discovery

The sensors and coordinators can recognize each other whenever anyone of them is start up. When webapp start up, all coordinators will know they are coming and sending all sensors name to it. Web client(browser) will receive sensor's information from webapp server and decide which sensor's data will be showing in browser.

Automatic Discovery Implementing

sensor and coordinator

       |       |       RabbitMQ      |          |

          -->     named data queue       -->
sensor |       |                     |          | coordinator
          -->      SensorOnline          -->

       |  <--  |   SensorDiscovery   |   <--    |

coordinator and webapp server

            |       |      RabbitMQ       |           |

               -->      WebappReading          -->
coordinator |       |                     |           | webapp
               -->      WebappSources          -->

            |  <--  |   WebappDiscovery   |    <--    |


Monitoring Web Page


Daemons running