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Note that "lower-level" does not necessarily mean that typical usage will be faster than when using other sequence types. In fact, many use cases will see slower accesses, on average.

Rather, this sequence type is intended to provide callers with more flexibility to manage their own memory and data layout, reducing the number of situations where data must be copied in order to produce and consume the sequence.

Resolves #482

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Build Status NetTopologySuite


A .NET GIS solution that is fast and reliable for the .NET platform. NetTopologySuite is a direct-port of all the functionalities offered by JTS Topology Suite: NTS expose JTS in a '.NET way', as example using Properties, Indexers etc...

An excerpt from JTS website explains the capabilities of NTS too: "The JTS Topology Suite is an API for modelling and manipulating 2-dimensional linear geometry. It provides numerous geometric predicates and functions. JTS conforms to the Simple Features Specification for SQL published by the Open GIS Consortium."

Enjoy using them!


A documentation of the NetTopologySuite API based on code xml comments is accessible on github-pages.
To get you started, we have set up an introductory Getting Started page.

Upgrading to 2.x from 1.x

A wiki page has been started to try to document the breaking changes in 2.0 when coming from 1.x.

Install with NuGet package manager

Stable NuGet Status

Stable releases are hosted on the default NuGet feed. You can install them using the following command on the package manager command line

PM> Install-Package NetTopologySuite

Pre release MyGet PreRelease Status

Pre-Release versions of NetTopologySuite are hosted on MyGet. The sources for the NetTopologySuite feed are as follows:

Version URL
NuGet v3
NuGet v2

You can install the latest pre-release package using the following command on the package manager command line

PM> Install-Package NetTopologySuite -pre -source "<Nuget v3 or NuGet v2 source>"