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Network Automation

A community for network automation. To join email us at with your github user-id and we will invite you to join!

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  1. This repo contains an Ansible networking inventory report playbook (inventory.yml). This playbook exports hostname, platform, mgmt0 IP address and code version to a HTML file. The jinja2 template u…

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  2. Repo containing various networking icons including routers, switches, servers, firewalls, load balancers and more. Icons are provided in png and svg formats.

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  3. GitHub Repo comparing NAPALM and Ansible on Cisco NXOSv and Arista vEOS

    Python 79 21

  4. examples of Ansible with Infoblox NIOS

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  5. cli_command and cli_config agnostic network automation modules for the network_cli connection plugin

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  6. Exercises to be used with the Tower Workshop

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