Brew your CoffeeScript in the JetBrains IDE
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                   _________         _____  _____            __________
                   \_   ___ \  _____/ ____\/ ____\____   ____\______   \_______   ______  _  __
                   /    \  \/ /  _ \   __\\   __\/ __ \_/ __ \|    |  _/\_  __ \_/ __ \ \/ \/ /
                   \     \___(  <_> )  |   |  | \  ___/\  ___/|    |   \ |  | \/\  ___/\     /
                    \______  /\____/|__|   |__|  \___  >\___  >______  / |__|    \___  >\/\_/
                           \/                        \/     \/       \/              \/

                       ------=== Brew your CoffeeScript in the JetBrains IDE ===------


JetBrain has announced to include official CoffeeScript support in the upcoming RubyMine 3.2 release and they took CoffeeBrew as a groundwork. So you can expect superior CoffeeScript integration in RubyMine soon.

For this reason, CoffeeBrew is not developed actively anymore.

Please check out the RubyMine 3.2 EAP and report issues to JetBrains.


CoffeeBrew is a plugin for your JetBrains IDE to develop your CoffeeScript.

  • Syntax highlighting with a color settings preference pane
  • Commenting and uncommenting of line and block comments
  • Highlighting of matching braces


The plugin can be installed via the JetBrains plugin manager from within your IDE.

CoffeeBrew RubyMine theme

CoffeeBrew RubyMine theme

The CoffeeBrew RubyMine theme provides a dark color scheme that extends the fabulous RailsCast theme with fine grained CoffeeScript colors. The font on the screenshot is Meslo LG S DZ.

To install the CoffeeBrew color scheme in RubyMine 3.0.1 on Max OS X, just download CoffeeBrew.xml to ~/Library/Preferences/RubyMine30/colors, restart the IDE and select the new color scheme in your preferences. For other platforms the folder within the Preferences directory is different, e.g. RubyMine31, IntelliJIdea10CE or IntelliJIdea9, to just name a few.

Shameless self promotion

Developed by Michael Kessler, sponsored by

If you like CoffeeBrew, you can watch the repository at GitHub and follow @netzpirat on Twitter for project updates.



Jeremy Ashkenas for his awsome programming language CoffeeScript, that makes JavaScript programming friendly and fun!

David Yeung for his JetBrains plugin coffeescript-idea, that served as a starting point for CoffeeBrew.

Ryan Bates for the Railscasts Textmate theme and Kamal Fariz Mahyuddin for porting it to RubyMine.

JetBrains Team for creating the best Ruby (on Rails) and Java IDE.


CoffeeBrew is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain. For more information, see or the accompanying UNLICENSE file.