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---> We moved to Gitlab ---> This project is a mirror of the gitlab NeuroChain Core project.
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Main Page


What is it?

Quick Overview

Neurochain is a blockchain project: understand a decentralized system that write a "log" called a blockchain. The "log" is:

  • Public.
  • It is not possible to change history.
  • Yes, there is no cryptocurrency here yet.

The Bot

The bot is the Neurochain agent. The agents connect to each others in order to form a mesh network that allow:

  • Secure communication.
  • Storing the "log" with sufficient resilience.

Thanks to a smart consensus, the bot coalition is able to safely write a unique log. Data written in the log comes from external applications to the blockchain. The main and first one is the cryptocurrency. Maintaining a sustainable network requires rewarding the actors. The second reason for the cryptocurrency is to offer a payment method for other applications (e.g. filesharing, traceability).

Build and Run


Officially supported now (in the CI):

  • debian:sid
  • ubuntu:18.04
  • fedora:28

Best effort (we tried, it worked):

  • mac osX


  • Windows X


  • cmake >=3.0
  • g++8/clang++7

Nothing else is needed (\o/). The rest of the dependencies will be downloaded and compiled by hunter. It makes it easier to cover different platform by having the same version of the dependencies.

cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build .


./build/src/bot --listen 1337 
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