Minimalistic pub/sub stubs using Redis
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Publish/Subscribe using Redis

A succinct, quickly conjured, publish/subscribe system built using Redis. Each message is converted into a csv before transmitting so as to keep the payload to the minimum. Using basic Ruby marshalling would have been better, but what the heck. More projects built off Redis coming up shortly.


Start the Redis server on your machine by running the "./redis-server" program from your redis/src directory. Feel free to invoke publisher/subscriber stubs in any order that you wish to.

Invoke Subscriber:

$ ruby subscriber.rb


$ ruby subscriber.rb channel_name

Invoking the subscriber without any arguments will make it start listening for the presence of any/all channels. If you want the subscriber to listen to a specific channel make sure you add the name of that channel as a command line parameter.

Invoke Publisher:

$ ruby publisher.rb 


$ ruby publisher.rb channel_name user_name

You can choose not to provide any channel name or user name in which case it will apply a default channel ("channel1") and the string present in the UNIX environment variable called "USER".