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xrdp: an open source RDP server
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sesman Simplify session match logic.
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vnc for Xvnc sesman session, use hash of password for vnc auth
vrplayer vrplayer: many fixes
xorg replace image with one I shot myself just now: “Blick auf’s Meßdorfer…
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xrdpvr vrplayer: many fixes
xup xup: no logic change, add logging
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bootstrap bootstrap, add libtoolize instfiles: merge rc script from FreeBSD
description-pak helper file for checkinstall
design.txt Major code cleanup:
faq-compile.txt Update faq-compile.txt
faq-general.txt doc: LDAP
file-loc.txt update file-loc.txt
install.txt update version in readme.txt and openssl replacement note
postinstall-pak clear things that are handled by the init script
prog_std.txt update some txt files
readme.txt minor fixes


xrdp 0.9.0

  This project is very much dependent on NeutrinoRDP, FreeRDP, rdesktop, and
  the work of Matt Chapman and the NeutrinoRDP team members, of which I'm a

  Mark from up 19.9 was the first to work with rdp server code.

Tested with linux on i386, x64, sparc, and ppc.
I've got it compiling and working in windows with borland free tools.
Non of the sesman or Xserver stuff works in windows of course.

xrdp directory is the main server code
vnc directory is a simple vnc client module for xrdp
sesman directory is a session manager for xrdp that uses Xvnc for the Xserver
libxrdp directory is a static library needed by xrdp
rdp is an rdp client module for connecting to another rdp server
xup is a module used to connect to an rdp specific X11 server
Xserver is the files needed to build an rdp specific X11 server
COPYING is the licence file
design.txt is an attempt to expain the project design
prog_std.txt is an attemp to explain the programming standard used

since version 0.5.0 we switch to autotool to build xrdp

to build and install

change to the xrdp directory and run
then as root
make install

see file-loc.txt to see what files are installed where

Jay Sorg
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