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Version 2.2.0

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@neveldo neveldo released this 08 Mar 15:34
· 4 commits to master since this release


Change log for jQuery-Mapael 2.2.0

  • Feature : Added the ability to zoom on a specific plot or a specific area through the zoom event (Indigo744)
  • Feature : The cssClass option can now be updated when trigerring an 'update' event (Indigo744)
  • Feature : Added links to the parameter of the afterUpdate hook (Indigo744)
  • Performance : Optimised overall Zoom performances (Indigo744)
  • Performance: use event delegation (Indigo744)
  • Improvement : Provide a better version of the map of the World (neveldo)
  • Improvement : Better dependencies / installation instructions (Indigo744)
  • Improvement : Mapael version is now accessible through $.mapael.version (Indigo744)
  • Bugfix : Fixed behaviour of the 'clicked' legend option with plots (Indigo744)
  • Bugfix : Fixed the update event when plotsOn option used (Licht-T & Indigo744)