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ChipWhisperer Jupyter Notebook Repository

Welcome to the ultimate collection of ChipWhisperer Jupyter notebooks.

Repo Contents

This repository serves multiple purposes:

  • Courses (see courses) in Side-Channel Analysis (SCA) along with Fault Injection. These are organized to align with commercial course content on, but many are stand-alone and can serve as a self-taught course.

    • Course notebooks are open-source and you can follow along at your own pace too!

    • See for more details.

  • Experiments (see experiments) showcasing various things you can do with the ChipWhisperer platform. These notebooks may have less background, often require certain hardware to perform the experiments, and may be in a work in progress state.

  • Demos (see demos) of various features and targets, such as ChipWhisperer-Pro streaming mode being used to capture long power traces, or hardware AES running on the CW305 FPGA board.

  • Many notebooks have been overhauled and renamed - if you're looking for the previous version, see the archive directory (preserved here to keep links less broken on the internet).

Getting Started

What do you want to do now? If you're just getting to know ChipWhisperer, check out the following:

Getting Started

First time using ChipWhisperer? Check out these links:

  • Overview from ChipWhisperer Docs Links to a background on ChipWhisperer, how to run the Jupyter server, and how to install ChipWhisperer.
  • 0 - Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks.ipynb and 1 - Connecting to Hardware.ipynb also serve as introductions to interacting with Jupyter Notebooks and the ChipWhisperer hardware.

Getting Support

Having trouble? Here are some quick ways to get help:

  • If you have a general question or problem, please head over to which is our primary support method.
  • If you've found a specific bug, please raise a GITHub issue.
  • If you want more hands-on help, part of our training offerings on offer more interactive help (including a private forum section).

Re-Use in Teaching & Academic Environments

These notebooks are distributed under the open-source GPL license (as is the rest of ChipWhisperer). This means you can distribute and modify this material (even for commercial trainings), provided you maintain references to this repository and the original authors, and also offer your derived material under the same conditions.

If you would like to re-use this content commercially under different license conditions, please contact sales -AT- Note that as a public project, we also have user-contributed content which we may not own the original copyright for.

This material is Copyright (C) NewAE Technology Inc., 2015-2020. ChipWhisperer is a trademark of NewAE Technology Inc., claimed in all jurisdictions, and registered in at least the United States of America, European Union, and Peoples Republic of China.