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Example software to demonstrate functionality of the Aqueti MantisAPI
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mantis_examples Repository

This repository contains example code used to demonstrate MantisAPI functionality. Both C API and Python API Examples are included in their respective directories. None of this code will work without an previously installing the MantisAPI which is not provided in this repository. To gain access to the MantisAPI, please contact Steve Feller to request access.

About Aqueti

Aqueti builds “parallel supercameras ” with novel optical, electronic and software architectures. Developed around NVidia Tegra processor line, the acOS (AquetiCamera Operating System) provides an ideal platform for flexible parallel super camera construction. Using this platform, Aqueti can rapidly assemble arrays to match any field of view, resolution and environmental requirement. The platform provides real - time rendering and flexible support for customer video analysis and image processing software.

For further information related Aqueti and our products, please checkout out websites:

#Configuration Prior to building or running software, the proper environment variables need to be set. This is done by running: "source source.rc" in the top level of the repository.


Documentation for Aqueti systems will be maintained in the wiki provided with the repository or can be generated as part of the build process. In addition, it can be found online at


We ask that any issues that users of this product come across related to this software or the underlying API be reported in this repository. This will help ensure stable operation and provide insight into how this software is being used. When creating an issue, please include details about the system you are using and information that may help us recreate the problem. The issues generated regarding this product will be handled based on their importance and relevance to company objectives. That being said, our objective is to provide high-quality, reliable software for managing array cameras developed on the Aqueti Camera Operation System (ACOS) platform).

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