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newLISP-on-Rockets 2.0

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newLISP on Rockets is a fast, fun, and customizable blog application that is open source. It runs on the Linux platform.

Rockets is written by Jeremy Reimer.

Read the documentation here:

This repo contains the source code for both the newLISP on Rockets framework and a blog that runs on Rockets.

Please check the Rockets blog for updates on the status of the project.

DISCLAIMER: In no way should this software be used to control actual rockets.

What is newLISP-on-Rockets?

Rockets started as a very simple web application framework running on newLISP. My goal was to simplify the web applications I was already writing in newLISP by consolidating a bunch of useful functions for both front-end (jQuery) and back-end (SQLite) operations. The emphasis was on simplicity and code conciseness.

Over time, I've adapted Rockets for use as my own personal blog, as well as other web projects I'm working on. This meant that the development framework and the blog have merged into a simple yet easily extensible blog application.

Documentation is available at:

You can view how the blog looks in a live environment by visiting:


A fast, flexible, and fun blog app. Also, an easy-to-learn web development framework. Written in newLISP.






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