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Versatile Diamond

The simulator of gas-solid transition on the atomic level has an own DSL for describing gas species and surface atomic structures, and reactions between them. DSL allows taking into account lateral interactions between surface structures. Process configuration file written on DSL is analyzing by the parser (on Ruby) and generates high-performance C++ code based on simulator framework classes.

The language description presented here.


DSL interprets by Analyzer and generates a graph of concepts dependencies (for example used examples/simple.rb configuration). The following shows dependency tree between base species (black), specified species (blue), reactions (green), as well as properties of a local environment (purple).

Classes Trees

Forest of dependencies between atoms types is presented below

Classes Trees

Engine framework

Same as graphs the Analyzer can generate high-performance code which bases of Engine framework. The Engine framework simulates the process by Monte Carlo method. One provides the many generic classes which could be combined (as roles) to ensure necessary behavior.

For example, the result of simplified process simulation of chemical vapor deposition of diamond that described by examples/simple.rb can be watched here.


Versatile Diamond is released under the GPL v3.


The simulator for crystal growth process by gas-solid phase transition at the atomic level


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