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Self-paced training workshop for the NR1 CLI/SDK
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The repo for NR1 enablement training experience. In this repository, we'll store (or link to) a complete curriculum, including labs and workshop-specific documentation, built to support a self-paced training event focused on the New Relic One platform and developer experience.


See the Setup documentation.


The workshop is a collaborative process between the New Relic Labs and the New Relic Developer Program. The workshop is comprised of hands-on exercises augmented by a handful of Slide presentations. It is meant to accompany a hackathon-style experience in which learners will work on real-world problems of their choosing with the instructors/mentors present to address questions and (as needed) go over confusing concepts with the entire cohort.

Subject Material
Environment Setup Confirmation Setup
Workshop Overview and Programmability Concepts Slides
Introduction to the NR1 SDK Slides
Getting Started
Lab 0: Creating your first package, launcher, and nerdlet with the NR1 CLI Lab Instructions
Lab 1: Working with Chart components Lab Instructions
Lab 2: navigation and timeRange Lab Instructions
Lab 3: Grids, Stacks, and UI components Lab Instructions
Working with NerdGraph
Lab 4: Introduction to the New Relic NerdGraph API Lab Instructions
Lab 5: NR1 NerdGraph components Lab Instructions
Lab 6: NerdGraph and Nerdlets Lab Instructions
Advanced Topics
Lab 7: Passing custom data to a Chart component Lab Instructions
Lab 8: Using 3rd Party libraries and custom visualizations (a.k.a. the Leaflet mapping exercise) Lab Instructions
Lab 9: Leveraging NerdStorage to manage configuration data Lab Instructions
Lab 10: Publishing and deploying your Nerdpack Lab Instructions
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