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Trib Apps server builder

Here we have a simple python commandline script and a bunch of shell script templates. You can use to start a new Amazon instance and feed it a shell script to automatically build your server.

usage: [-h] [-k ACCESS_KEY] [-s SECRET_KEY] [-r REGION] [-z ZONE]
                    -p KEY_PAIR -g SECURITY_GROUP -t
                    -a AMI [-m CONFIG] -b BUILD_SCRIPT [-n SERVER_NAME]
                    [-c CLUSTER] [--hosts HOSTS] [--pretend]

Build some Amazon EC2 servers.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -k ACCESS_KEY, --access-key ACCESS_KEY
                        Your AWS access key
  -s SECRET_KEY, --secret-key SECRET_KEY
                        Your AWS secret key
  -r REGION, --region REGION
                        EC2 region
  -z ZONE, --zone ZONE  EC2 zone
  -p KEY_PAIR, --key-pair KEY_PAIR
                        EC2 key pair
  -g SECURITY_GROUP, --security-group SECURITY_GROUP
                        EC2 security group
  -t {m3.xlarge,m3.2xlarge,m1.small,m1.medium,m1.large,m1.xlarge,c3.large,c3.xlarge,c3.2xlarge,c3.4xlarge,c3.8xlarge,c1.medium,c1.xlarge,cc2.8xlarge,g2.2xlarge,cg1.4xlarge,m2.xlarge,m2.2xlarge,m2.4xlarge,cr1.8xlarge,hi1.4xlarge,hs1.8xlarge,t1.micro}, --instance {m3.xlarge,m3.2xlarge,m1.small,m1.medium,m1.large,m1.xlarge,c3.large,c3.xlarge,c3.2xlarge,c3.4xlarge,c3.8xlarge,c1.medium,c1.xlarge,cc2.8xlarge,g2.2xlarge,cg1.4xlarge,m2.xlarge,m2.2xlarge,m2.4xlarge,cr1.8xlarge,hi1.4xlarge,hs1.8xlarge,t1.micro}
                        EC2 instance type
  -a AMI, --ami AMI     EC2 AMI id
  -m CONFIG, --config-module CONFIG
                        Config module
  -b BUILD_SCRIPT, --build-script BUILD_SCRIPT
                        Build script template to use
  -n SERVER_NAME, --server-name SERVER_NAME
                        Name this server
  -c CLUSTER, --cluster CLUSTER
                        Put server in a cluster
  --hosts HOSTS         Comma-delimited list of hosts to assign to this server
  --pretend             Output the build script and don't actually create the

Build scripts

All the build scripts are designed to use with Ubuntu AMIs. This rig would theoretically work with any image that loads and runs a shell script from the EC2 user-data.

The build script is generated using Jinja2. will load whatever variables are present in and pass them in as context to whatever template is specified by the -b or --build-script flags.


Build a server with the basics. Log in as the newsapps user. All newsapps script templates extend this.


Build an nginx/python application server. This server is setup to handle applications deployed with our deploy tools.


Build an apache/mod_wsgi application server with memcached. Includes NFS client. NFS client requires a server with the host nfs to be in the cluster.


Build an apache/mod_wsgi application server. Includes NFS client. NFS client requires a server with the host nfs to be in the cluster.


Build a server for running crons and worker things. Includes NFS client, memcached and postfix. NFS client requires a server with the host nfs to be in the cluster.


Build a postgres/NFS server. Be sure to label this with the nfs host (--hosts nfs).


Build a full-stack server including postgres, apache/modwsgi, postfix, memcached.


Build a varnish server.


The assets folder gets tarballed and uploaded to S3 so the boot scripts can pull it down. The boot scripts will look for authorized_keys, known_hosts, ssh_config and any files ending with *.pem. These files will be moved into .ssh and correctly permissioned. So you can have all ssh settings properly configured on first boot.

All files in assets/bin will get copied into /usr/local/bin on the server and properly permissioned. There are already some handy scripts in there for working with clusters. The most useful is hosts-for-cluster. When run as root, hosts-for-cluster will update the machine's hosts file with the data stored in the AWS keys assigned to each server in the current cluster. Whenever you build a new server in an existing cluster, you will need to run hosts-for-cluster on each server. This feature allows your to use the simple host names that you assigned to your servers on build in your application.

The newsapps and wordpress folders in assets store customized configuration. The scripts use a function install_file to copy files over from these folders.

# install_file folder_name full_path
install_file newsapps /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

This example will copy over the nginx.conf file from the newsapps folder.