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Newsboat is a fork of Newsbeuter, an RSS/Atom feed reader for the text console. The only difference is that Newsboat is actively maintained while Newsbeuter isn't.


You can download the latest version of Newsboat from the official site:

Alternatively, you can check out the latest version from the Git repository:

git clone git://


Newsboat depends on a number of libraries, which need to be installed before newsboat can be compiled.


First, you'll have to get the dependencies. Make sure to install the header files for the libraries (on Debian and derivatives, headers are in -dev packages, e.g. libsqlite3-dev.) After that, compiling and installing newsboat is as simple as:

make install

(And if you ever need to uninstall it, use make uninstall.)



Decided to work on an issue, fix a bug or add a feature? Great! Be sure to check out our style guide and install pre-commit hook.

You'll probably want to run the tests; here's how:

make -j5 PROFILE=1 all test
(cd test && TMPDIR=/dev/shm ./test --order rand)

Note the use of ramdisk as TMPDIR: some tests create temporary files, which slows them down if TMPDIR is on HDD or even SSD.


Newsboat is licensed under the MIT license; see the LICENSE file.