yet another STOMP server which is aimed to be low latency and perform high-throughput
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Build Status MIT License

NewtMQ is a yet another MOM (Message Oriented Middleware) with STOMP protocol. This aims to be low latency and perform high-throughput. This project will try various measures to obtain these features.

Getting Started


You may need to install library that NewtMQ dependents. In the Debian / Ubuntu distribution, you can install it as below.

$ sudo apt-get install libconfuse-dev libcunit1-dev


You can get the latest released version of NewtMQ from here.


NewtMQ is written in C-language, you may install as below just like some same language products.

$ make
$ sudo make install```

When you want to build latest development version from GitHub sources. You have to install `autoconf` to make build environment as below.
```$ autoreconf -i```

## Starting Server
You can start NewtMQ by `newtd` command.

$ newtd

NewtMQ listens on port 61613 by default. You can change it to edit configuraton file. Here is an example of it.

server = "" port = 12345 loglevel = "DEBUG"

When you save this as `newd.conf`, NewtMQ can load it by '-c, --config' parameter. This is usage of NewtMQ.

Usage: newtd [OPTION...]

-c, --config=config_path filepath of configuration for newtd -?, --help Give this help list --usage Give a short usage message

If you want to stop NewtMQ, please input 'Ctrll-C' then it will be stopped.