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Magento Two Factor Authentication Module




Sentry Two-Factor Authentication will protect your Magento store and customer data by adding an extra check to authenticate your Admin users before allowing them access. Developed as a partnership between the Human Element Magento Development team and Nexcess Hosting, Sentry Two-Factor Authentication for Magento is easy to setup and admin users can quickly login.

Supported Providers (more to come)

The following Two Factor Authentication providers are supported at this time.

Duo Security

For more information on Duo security's API, please see -

Google Authenticator

For more information on Google Authenticator, please see -


If you have an issue, please read the FAQ then if you still need help, open a bug report in GitHub's issue tracker.

Please do not use Magento Connect's Reviews or (especially) the Q&A for support. There isn't a way for me to reply to reviews and the Q&A moderation is very slow.


If you have a fix or feature for this module, submit a pull request through GitHub to the devel branch. The master branch is only for stable releases. Please make sure the new code follows the same style and conventions as already written code.

Referenced work

Some code based on previous work by Jonathan Day

Some code based on previous work by Michael Kliewe/PHPGangsta

Notes -

  1. Installing this module will update the admin_user table in the Magento database to add a twofactor_google_secret field for storing the local GA key. It is safe to remove this field once the module is removed.
  2. If you get locked out of admin because of a settings issue, loss of your provider account or other software related issue, you can temporarily disable the second factor authentication -
  • Place a file named tfaoff.flag in the root directory of your Magento installation.
  • Login to Magento's Admin area without the second factor.
  • Update settings or disable Sentry
  • Remove the tfaoff.flag file to re-enable two factor authentication.