Demo Sites

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  • Turpentine Master - This is a basic install of Magento with sample date, kept current with both Magento CE and the current master branch of Turpentine. It is running on a SIP-500 dedicated server.

  • Any Lamp Dedicated 12C Xeon, 128G, BBU SSD Raid-1
  • Handyfloor Shared 12C Xeon, 128G, BBU SSD Raid-1
  • Knip&Go Shared 16C Xeon, 128G, BBU SSD Raid-1
  • Demo Shop Shared 8C Xeon, 64G, BBU SSD Raid-1

All these sites: Varnish, Apache/Nginx, PHP-FPM 5.5, Percona 5.6.x (Dutch)

MB Internet Solutions / Q23 Media

KIWOP (Spanish)

Feel free to list your site here if you use Turpentine: