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Nextcloud iOS app

Releases Build SwiftLint irc

Demo of the Nextcloud iOS files appWidget of the Nextcloud iOS files app

Demo of the Nextcloud iOS files app

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How to contribute

If you want to contribute to Nextcloud, you are very welcome:

Contribution Guidelines & License

GPLv3 with Apple app store exception.

Nextcloud doesn't require a CLA (Contributor License Agreement). The copyright belongs to all the individual contributors. Therefore we recommend that every contributor adds following line to the header of a file, if they changed it substantially:

@copyright Copyright (c) <year>, <your name> (<your email address>)

Please read the Code of Conduct. This document offers some guidance to ensure Nextcloud participants can cooperate effectively in a positive and inspiring atmosphere, and to explain how together we can strengthen and support each other.

More information how to contribute:

Start contributing

You can start by forking this repository and creating pull requests on the develop branch. Maybe start working on starter issues.

Easy starting points are also reviewing pull requests

Xcode 14.2 Project Setup


After forking a repository you have to build the dependencies. Dependencies are managed with Carthage version 0.38.0 or later. Run

carthage update --use-xcframeworks --platform iOS

to fetch and compile the dependencies.

In order to build the project in Xcode you will also need a file GoogleService-Info.plist at the root of the repository which contains the Firebase configuration. For development work you can use a mock version found here.

Creating Pull requests

DCO Signoff

Nextcloud enforces the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) on Pull Requests. It requires your commit messages to contain a Signed-off-by line with an email address that matches your GitHub account.

How to Sign off

The DCO is a way for contributors to certify that they wrote or otherwise have the right to submit the code they are contributing by adding a Signed-off-by line to commit messages.

My Commit message

Signed-off-by: Random Contributor <>

Git even has a -s | --signoff command line option to append this to your commit messages automatically.


If you need assistance or want to ask a question about the iOS app, you are welcome to ask for support in our Forums. If you have found a bug, feel free to open a new Issue on GitHub. Keep in mind, that this repository only manages the iOS app. If you find bugs or have problems with the server/backend, you should ask the Nextcloud server team for help!


Do you want to try the latest version in development of Nextcloud iOS ? Simple, follow this simple step

Apple TestFlight