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πŸŽ‰ Nextcloud promo material

Nextcloud promotion material like logos, sticker templates, flyers and presentation slides. Everyone is welcome to print material and present Nextcloud at events – everyone in the community can help! :)

Please do keep in mind our trademark guidelines. In short, don't pretend to be 'official' Nextcloud or offer commercial services, that's exclusive to Nextcloud GmbH.


The logo is white on light blue (#0082c9). For printing we use Pantone 285 C (CMYK 90/48/0/0). The name Β»NextcloudΒ« can be optionally left out though.

The typeface of the logo (or similar ones) should not be used anywhere else. Instead use Open Sans, in regular weight. Use bold sparingly and only for selected emphasis.

There are several variations of our logo. In general use the one above but in a very small space (think a small avatar or 16x16 icon) use the version without text.

In a large space, think 150x150 pixels or larger, you can use the version with the background (which is at 10% opacity on the Nextcloud blue). Last but not least, if a blue background is really inappropriate, use the version with blue logo and text. This is NOT the preferred logo but a fallback!


Stickers are outdoor foil, 45mm circular – printing file is in Sticker/sticker-45mm.png. We always order through Flyeralarm (German) and usually get a batch of 2500 for around 70 €.


Shirts are light blue with simple white logo print centered on the chest. In the past we used EarthPositive EP03 slim-fit ordered through Black Star Cotton (German) and the shirts were really good. Regarding size distribution, we ordered 50 consisting of: 6 S, 16 M, 17 L, 8 XL, 3 XXL – which turned out well. Shirts and print combined cost about 7 € per shirt.


You will find presentation slides and templates in the Presentations subfolder.


πŸŽ‰ Stickers, shirts, presentations etc!




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