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Nextcloud Windows Mobile App

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This is the Nextcloud app allowing you to access all your files on Windows Mobile (...and UWP coming soon).

Why is this so useful?

  • Easy, modern interface
  • Upload your files to your Nextcloud
  • Download files from your Nextcloud

And in the coming versions:

  • Move and rename files and folders
  • Share your files and folders with others
  • Manage shares
  • Download directories as ZIP files
  • Upload whole directories
  • Monitor selected directories and upload new files in the background
  • Synchronize selected directories in the background
  • Instantly upload photos and videos taken by your device
  • Managing more than one user account / Nextcloud server (Multi-account support)


Please report all issues over here:

Translation / Localization

Do you want the Nextcloud app in your language?
Help translating the app on Transifex
Make sure you are logged in to your Transifex account, otherwise you will get a 403 error page asking you to log in first. 😏

❗ We kindly ask you to only change the English strings /Strings/en/Resources.resw within the repository ❗

All other languages are translated on Transifex. The translated files are merged automatically by our [tx-robot] every night.



The Nextcloud App relies on, or was inspired by, the following projects: