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Note: This project is no longer under active development

This is a prototype conversion tool from Common Workflow Language (CWL) to Nextflow. Example workflows to demonstrate the conversion are included in the 'sample_data' folder with additional information on how to convert and run each exmaple.

CircleCI status

Supported features

  • Parsing of CWL v1.0 documents.
  • Basic scatter support
  • Support of 'runtime' and limited supported for 'inputs' JS evaluation
  • secondaryFiles
  • Conditional commandline inclusion.
    • In CWL if an input is null it is excluded from the commandline
  • Commandline parsing supports default values and prefixs
  • InitialWorkDirRequirement: can handle files listed both for running locally and deployed to other compute resources.

Unsupported features

  • Parsing of CWL draft-3 or earlier specifications
  • Subworkflows.
    • Currently each workflow step must be an individual CWL commandline tool file
  • JS expressions are currently not implemented
  • Record types
  • outputBinding only supports 'glob'. outputEval and loadContents are unsupported.
    • limited support for outputEval is now functional
  • import statements do not work.
  • JS expressions for File type with checksum, size, format, contents are all not supported at this time

Building cwl2nxf

Note: Make sure to have Java 8 installed.

Clone this repository with the following command:

git clone && cwl2nxf && export CWL2NXF_HOME=$PWD

Then build the project by using the following command:

./gradlew uberjar

Finally you can execute the cwl2nxf application as shown below:

cd sample_data/tutorial_tar_test
java -jar $CWL2NXF_HOME/build/libs/cwl2nxf-*.jar -o wf.cwl wf.yml 

Upon execution file will be created in the base folder. This file will then be runnable using Nextflow:

nextflow run


Compile and run from sources by using the following command:

./gradlew jar 
./ <wf.cwl> <wf.yml>

Debug the execution by using a remote debugger (eg. IntelliJ IDEA) as shown below:

./ -remote-debug <wf.cwl> <wf.yml>

Run the code coverage by using the command:

./gradlew cobertura  

The generated report is available at the following path:

open ./build/reports/cobertura/index.html


A comparison of native CWL graph to the Nextflow generated graph after conversion.

CWL graph:

Alt text

Nextflow graph after conversion:

Alt text


The cwl2nxf is released under the Apache 2.0 License.


Import a CWL workflow specification to Nextflow script (experimental)




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