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NextCharts is an open source HTML5 charts library which uses the canvas tag for drawing. This library is used by NextReports from version 7.

Following types of charts & styles can be defined (where h stands for horizontal and n for negative):

  • bar : normal, glass, dome, cylinder, parallelepiped, combo with lines
  • nbar : normal, glass
  • stackedbar : normal, glass, dome, cylinder, parallelepiped
  • hbar : normal, glass, dome, cylinder, parallelepiped
  • hstackedbar : normal, glass, dome, cylinder, parallelepiped
  • line : normal, soliddot, hollowdot, anchordot, bowdot, stardot
  • area : normal, soliddot, hollowdot, anchordot, bowdot, stardot
  • pie
  • bubble

alt tag

NextCharts supports dual axis definition and it allows to have a combo chart with bars and lines. Highlight selection is available on mouse move.

As opposite to other charts libraries, tooltips are seen only on real selection of elements (and not on any position) and they are following the mouse cursor to allow for a smooth visualization. Other charts libraries have a fixed position for tooltips when entering the selection and user cannot move the mouse to a position which is under the tooltip, making the interaction more clumsy.

A small number of widgets is also contained by this library. This set includes:

  • Alarm (Status)
  • Indicator (Gauge)
  • Display (Value & Comparison)

alt tag


Some samples (to see how json properties must be specified) can be found in src/html:

  1. main-test.html, main-test-dualAxis.html independent chart tests
  2. main-jetty-test.html jetty chart test (must run ro.nextreports.charts.JsonHandler to start server)
  3. main-widget-test.html independent widget test


##Read more

You can find information about NextCharts on following links:

  1. NextReports Blog:
  2. NextReports Site: