Rust language sample project for STM32F4xx ARM microcontrollers.
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A template project for using the Rust language on bare metal STM32F4xx ARM microcontrollers. Tested on STM32F4DISCOVERY.

The current version supports only static memory allocation and no stack pointer safety checks.


  • arm-none-eabi toolchain
  • llvm-3.6 (nightly) toolchain
  • rustc (requires Rust 1.0.0-alpha2)


Edit "Makefile" with the path to the rustc compiler and type "make".

Upload the resulting binary (one of blinky.{elf, bin, hex}) on the target.


  • - sample program (blinks the red led of the STM32F4DISCOVERY board)
  • libarm/ - microcontroller related definitions
  • sys/ - bootstrap code (boot loader and system initialization)
  • zero/ - and additional C stubs